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    This Guy Plays Guitar for Sharks!

    I tweeted this earlier… you actually get to find out about a lot more really cool stuff by following me on Twitter. I normally don’t post tweets on the website as new blogs, but this is too good to miss. And if I don’t post it, you won’t see it. It’s a guy who plays a water proof guitar under water for sharks.

    Yea, really, so do you see now why I have to post it? It’s unbelievably crazy and entertaining. Watch him in this video; his name is Andy Casagre and he plays a song called, “If I Was a Great White Shark, I Wouldn’t Bite You.”

    Andy is a nice guy. If I was a great white shark, I would totally eat you. You probably want to read more about Andy and see more pictures of him saranading sharks. If so, check it out here.

    Barricuda Jumps into Boat, Bites Girl

    Location: Off the Coast of Venice, in the Gulf of Mexico

    barracuda attacks 14 year old girl 300x234 Barricuda Jumps into Boat, Bites Girl

    A 14 year old girl who was sitting in a boat was savagely attacked by a 45 inch barracuda that jumped in to join her and her family. Koral Wira was feeling a bit seasick and sitting in a shady area of the boat when the fish hopped on board. From all accounts, the barricuda “shot out of the water, flew across the boat, and clamped onto the girl’s arm.”  It sounds like a cold, calculating, supernatural barracuda.

    Wira said, “It felt like a truck hit me … I looked down and there was blood everywhere.”

    Wira’s mother said, “It was like out of ‘Jaws,’ it was that scary.  We’ll never go back out there again. It was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever been through. I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

    Wira’s father said, “It’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

    This bite was apparently nothing to scoff at, either. The victim’s family said the bite left her arm looking like “raw hamburger.” There’s an image for you. It required 51 stitches.

    barracuda bite 300x225 Barricuda Jumps into Boat, Bites Girl

    The girl’s father said that just before the barracuda joined them, he had been fishing for barracuda and shark. Once the fish was pried loose from her arm, the father’s bait and hook were found in the fish’s mouth.

    I’d say she’s lucky it wasn’t a shark.

    Boomhaur would say, “Them dang ol’, dang ol’ crazy fish, think they can do what they want, dang ol’ crazy fish.”

    the barracuda 300x225 Barricuda Jumps into Boat, Bites Girl


    Tips on How to Boogie Board

    boogie boarding Tips on How to Boogie Board

    This kid is stoked!

    Boogie boarding, or body boarding, is a really fun way to ride some waves. If you’re eager to learn how to surf and you’re not even from a coastal area, boogie boarding is the perfect way to begin to understand how waves work and how to catch them. If you like to surf and the waves are sloppy knee high, boogie boarding is the next best thing to be doing at the beach. You get wet and you have fun on waves; there isn’t much else to ask for at the beach.

    Speed When Catching Waves

    You can’t just plop down on a wave and expect to be taken for a ride. A certain amount of gracefulness is required. Remember this while you’re in the water trying to catch waves on your boogie board: to ride a wave, you have to be going at least as fast as the wave. And when you’re boogie boarding, you have a big advantage over surfing because you’re standing on the floor of the ocean and you can push off with your feet. You don’t have to rely on paddling to pick up your speed.

    How Waves Form and Break

    If you stand back and watch waves roll in, you’ll find that they all form a certain way:

    The water begins flat and then rolls up into a lump, which begins to grow larger. At the wave’s highest point (it’s peak), it begins to break and turn into white water. This white water rolls toward the beach and peters out. Eventually the wave is completely gone, absorbed into the ocean.

    The wave’s highest point is called its peak. Makes sense, doesn’t it?  A mountain’s highest point is its peak.  Once the wave hits its peak, it begins to break. This also makes sense because once it “breaks,” (think of breaking a toy or something, as in it won’t work anymore) it turns into white water and peters out.

    Where to Enter the Wave

    When the wave is at its peak, this is where you want to enter the wave. You want to be standing on the side of the wave closest to the beach, and have your body facing the beach, so that the wave is right behind you.

    How to Enter

    Just as the wave is about to peak, you’ll feel the water rising against your legs. This when you want to push off with your feet as hard as you can, thrusting yourself onto your board and toward the beach. Since you’re taking off on the wave as it’s at its peak, your boogie board will go down a bit, picking up more momentum, and then the wave’s white water will shove your boogie board along the water. You’ll eventually sink down a bit into the water and come to a stop.

    Shoving Off

    When you shove off, don’t shove off into the air and smack down on the water. You need to gracefully shove yourself toward the beach at the height of the water. Don’t be concerned about whether the wave is going to pick you up more or drop you down some, just be level with the water and shove yourself very hard so you get plenty of speed.

    Stick With It!

    If you’ve never boogie boarded before, it’s probably going to take you about 20 waves to feel like you know what you’re doing, and it’s worth it. For one, being wet in the water is fun no matter what you’re doing, so enjoy the experience. Once you get the hang of boogie boarding, you’ll always know how to do it. I’ve taken off on waves on a boogie board that gave me such a long ride, I would look around at everyone, and at the beach, cruising along, and think, “Wow, am I really still riding this one wave?”  As you improve, people will be watching you and you’ll feel like you have your own little show and you’ll enjoy it even more.

    Banshee Bungee – Check it Out

    Found in Other Water Sports,

    So you have this bungee cord and you stretch it out. When you have it stretched out really far, you hop on your board and it catapults you across the water at up 30 mph.

    0 Banshee Bungee   Check it Out

    Get a Banshee Bungee

    Fun in Corpus Christi

    If you haven’t been in the water yet today, you really should go. It’s a lot of fun, great for surfing, body surfing, boogie boarding, whatever. The waves are really well formed and peeling nicely. The water is 84f  and be sure to wear sun stuffs because it’s really sunny.

    It couldn’t possibly be a better day to go to the beach.

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