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    Groms+-: Surf | Movie City Online on Groms, is Summer Getting Boring?: [...] Groms, is Summer Getting Boring? | Texas Surfers [...]

    Texas Surfer on How to Survive a Shark Attack: From 1882 - 2009, Florida has experienced 13 fatal shark attacks and averaged on ...

    monica blanco on How to Survive a Shark Attack: It is not as uncommon shark attacks as you say, the are more than 250 a year in ...

    Scott on How to Survive a Shark Attack: I have heard for years that the smell of ammonia (as in urine or pee, piss whate ...

    Texas Surfer on Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks: The Australian Navy has just started using Shark Shield. ...

    The Shark Fin Video they were talking about that no one could find.

    It’s brief message is this:

    Sharks have lived in the world’s oceans for over 400 million years. But now this prehistoric animal is under severe threat [by] overfishing. In some parts of the world, populations have declined by as much as 90%. The increasing demand for shark fin soup is a major cause of this. Sometimes, only the fins are cut off and the rest of the fish – often still alive – is tossed back into the sea like rubbish. So help make a difference today and protect our oceans and our sharks. Please steer clear of all shark fin soup. There are plenty of alternatives. Remember, when the buying stops, the killing can too.”

    But don’t deprive yourself of watching some authentic Japanese shark propaganda. She does have a nice voice.

    I agree they should use the rest of the shark for shark steak. Turn the teeth into jewelry. But it doesn’t bother me that the shark dies.

    Dude … You’re Surfing on a Tarp

    Found in Surf Comedy, Surf News,

    The latest fad I’ve seen grommets getting into is tarp surfing. Basically, some friends hold a tarp open with half of it on the ground and half held in the air. As the kid skates across the tarp, the friends run with the tarp to make it seem like it’s barreling like a wave.

    I know of surf shops using tarp surfing as an event to draw a crowd and befriend new customers. And I understand that you’re doing it with blue tarps, which is the color of water … in most places, and that you’re skating, which is similar to surfing. But it isn’t surfing, and it isn’t water. … But if you’re really having fun doing it, I guess that’s all that matters. I just won’t ever really understand tarp surfing.

    Human Legs Found in Shark Belly

    Those sharks are up to no good, I tell ya.

    Three Bahamian fishermen caught a shark that they say has human remains in its belly. While processing their daily catch, the men discovered a partially decomposed human foot in the shark’s mouth.

    One of the fishermen, Humphrey Simmons, said of the remains, “Everything was intact from the knee down, it was mangled, but there was still flesh on the bone.”

    Further dissecting of the shark revealed a second leg, the torso, and two severed arms. The body is suspected to be that of a man, or maybe a really hairy woman.

    At the time of the catch the fishing boat was about 35 miles south of New Province.

    shark killed human Human Legs Found in Shark Belly


    How Fast Can You Surf? New Surfing Speedometer

    New surf speedometer tells us how fast we surf! So far the fastest speed that's been recorded was 51mph (83kph), and that was off a bottom turn.

    surf speedometer How Fast Can You Surf? New Surfing Speedometer

    No joke, I’m pretty sure this is the beginning of something big. These guys are wearing a satellite-tracking device and being “pinged” while they surf. This new technology tells them how fast they’re surfing. Cool, huh? What if it gets cheap, or we find a way to track how fast we go? How fast you can launch could become another bragging point.

    What do you think about how this could affect surfing contests?

    Indo Trip, Reduced Price, July 26th- Aug 7th

    These guys have room for 3 more surfers on this Indo trip, and I thought you'd like the reduced prices, which are $500 less than usual. Here's the info - contact info is at the bottom if you want to go.

    Howdy- I know it is way late notice but we just had 3 people drop out of our indo trip on July 26th- Aug 7th, and were hoping you could maybe spread the word to fill the spots. We have 4 from Malibu (one is a State Life Guard) and one from SB. It’s an amazing boat, it is literally in the top 3 boats in indo. The crew is super attentive- Ricky the skiff driver, sits in the channel all day and snaps photos with his huge 400mm lens- you watch them at the end of the day on the big flat screen and get to take home a disk at the end of the trip with all of your waves on it- it’s a great set up. Since they are in a pinch they are offering the spots for $3,500 vs. $4k. If it is totally packed they will shoot up to the telos as well at no extra cost. We have all the fights and transfer dialed in if you needed it…  Let me know if there are any questions. We appreciate any help.

    Thanks so much,
    K.C. Blinn
    Blinn Design
    957 15th St.
    Santa Monica, CA 90403

    last year:

    indo trip Indo Trip, Reduced Price, July 26th  Aug 7th

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