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    Color Changing Surfboards

    Checkout this surfboard that actually changes color with heat.

    The board’s fiberglass has a pigment that’s sensitive to heat. As the board gets hotter, the fiberglass turns white, which deflects the sun’s rays. This keeps your board from getting too incredibly hot. Then, when you paddle out into the water and the board cools down, it returns to its normal, darker color.

    color changing surfboard 300x187 Color Changing SurfboardsSurfboard that Changes Color" width="300" height="187" />

    Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    You have to do something with those used surfboards, right? Turn them into lawn chairs you can take to the beach.

    surfboard chair 1 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    I found this blog post that shows how these guys turned the surfboard above into the chair you see below.

    surfboard chair 2 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    Here’s the finished product. I’m gonna have to make one of these.

    surfboard chair 3 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Used surfboards are great for learning to surf, but most experienced surfers buy custom surfboards. They go to a local surfboard shaper and talk to them about what they want their board to be like. You can specify everything about it: the length, width, how much of a curve you want at the tip, how many fins you want it to have, how it’s cut in the back – everything.

    Every beach town has its local surfboard shapers, and if you’re in Corpus Christi, Texas, Mike Doyle is the shaper you want making your custom surfboards.

    Custom ordering a board built just for you is a wonderful process for the surfer who wants and expects a little more when the all important decision needs to be made on what you expect to get out of your first, or next surfboard. – Website of Custom Shaper, Mike Doyle

    Mike will even fix you up with custom surfboard art.

    Here are some pics of his boards.

    mike doyle surfboard corpus christi 1 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 2 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 3 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    You can view a LOT of pics of Mike’s surfboards by clicking here.

    Checkout these pics of Mike’s custom surfboards in action:

    mike doyle barrelled 300x157 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle costa rica surfing 300x199 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard air 300x202 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Get Your Custom Surfboard

    If you want the highest quality surfboard design, a board that’s made just for you in Corpus Christi, this is the guy who will be shaping your next surfboard.

    mike doyle surfboard shaper Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Mike Doyle

    Get directions to Mike Doyle Custom Surfboards shop, contact Mike, and order your own by checking out his website here.

    Why You Should Buy Used Surfboards

    • You’ll save hundreds of dollars if you buy used surfboards.
    • Brand new surfboards cost a lot of money. A new Rusty shortboard can cost you over $800 easily, and longboards often are priced at over $1,000. Used boards are generally under $400, with many decent boards for first-timers running $250 or less.
    • You help out a fellow surfer when you buy their surfboard.
    • The surfboard gets to go to a good home (a surfer’s home where it’ll be loved and played with, not stuck on a wall for looks).
    • When you ding the used board, it’s not as big a deal as it would be if the board was brand new. If you buy your boards new, a major ding or crack can cost you $800 (the price of a new board) versus a couple hundred. And even if the ding is small, the emotional damage is much less if the board is used rather than brand new. It’s similar to getting a scratch on a used car and getting a scratch on a new car.
    • You can have more surfboards because you spend less on them. Imagine the variety of surfboards you could be surfing with! An $800 board could have been 3 used  boards.
    • Used surfboards usually come with a traction pad, a leash, and cool stickers.
    • You get to meet a fellow surfer during the transaction, someone you might end up paddling out with.
    • Buying a used surfboard is the best way to learn how to surf at the lowest cost.
    • It’s easy to find used  boards.
    • It’s easy to sell used  boards when it’s time to get another board. And the same money you sell it with is all you’ll need to get another used surfboard.
    used surfboards Why You Should Buy Used Surfboards

    Sell or buy used surfboards for free on Texas Surfers. And by the way, you don’t have to live in Texas to use the for sale board.

    Surfer Pegs Carry Surfboards on Motorcyles

    surfboard rack for motorcycle Surfer Pegs Carry Surfboards on Motorcyles

    If you recall an earlier blog I posted about carrying a surfboard on a motorcycle, you’ll know that I have an interest in doing this. Also, by looking at some of the search terms that people use to find Texas Surfers, I know that people come to this website looking for the same thing; apparently there are a lot of us surfers who realize how economical it would be to carry our board on a motorcycle. Gas prices have been high in recent years and they’re just now going up again with the seasonally high prices of summer. I have some great news: after searching hard for several months, I’ve found the perfect answer to the problem: Surfer Pegs.

    David Saber, a Merchant Marine Captain and former Director of the US Pro Tour of Surfing, invented what are basically surfboard racks that safely fit onto your motorcycle.  To carry your surfboard you need two Surfer Pegs to attach to your motorcycle.  Captain Saber invented these in 2007 just after a motorcycle accident that snapped his leg in two places. After four guys pulled the bike off of him and his wife, he found that he wouldn’t be able to brake (slow down the motorcycle) with his broken right leg, but he could use his hand brake. Captain Saber then carefully and slowly drove his Harley home, 105 miles, all the way from Santa Barbara to Redondo Beach, straight to the emergency room.

    After the surgery, he says, “I couldn’t take just looking at the brand new bike so I invented a way to carry my crutches. When I got better I asked myself what else I could carry … the birth of Surfer Pegs. I got the patent, copyrighted the name and started selling in January 2008.”

    I asked Captain Saber a few questions to find out more about these Surfer Pegs, as I’m sure many of you will be very interested in purchasing them for your own bike. Considering that the amount of gasoline a motorcycle uses is about 1/5 the amount of gas that a car or truck uses, the money you’ll save on gas over the summer will more than pay for a set of Surfer Pegs at just $250. And this price is a total steal because it costs Captain Saber $245 to build them. The low price of $250 is due to the fact that this is Surfer Peg’s second year in business, but prices are set to rise as demand increases.

    Do you make each one custom, depending on the make/model of the customer’s bike?

    They’re standard for bikes with engine guards or access to frames. All others are custom made.

    Surfer Pegs come in two sizes of cradles, 4 inch and 12 inch, and they slide into highway pegs or passenger pegs. To attach the pegs to a bike you’ll need to purchase what’s known as a “clevis clamp,” which is the fork that holds the peg. Since this part is unique for most bike models, we don’t supply it but they can easily be ordered online.

    Surfer Pegs are made in Los Angeles, California by the best metal workers in the high-end yachting business. It takes four people to make a set of pegs, there are ten steps involved, and about four hours is required. The process involves bending, cutting, and welding the tubes, as well as another process to water-cut, drill, and weld the 22-degree stud that is the part that slides into the bike’s clevis clamp.

    The pegs are made out of stainless steel, which means they can survive a lay-down. This actually means that riding with Surfer Pegs is safer than riding without them; they’re an extra shield between you and the road. Unlike aluminum, plastic, or PVC pipe, stainless steel won’t bend or break if a lay-down occurs.

    One of the best things about Surfer Pegs is that they cause your bike to be too wide to split lanes. This means you have to ride safe and that means you might live to surf.

    Surfer Peg buyers are required to sign a waiver, which should bring peace of mind to any surf shop owners reading this that are interested in selling them.

    I notice in the pictures the surfboards aren’t inside board bags, and it seems that dings from rocks on the road would be a problem. Have rocks or other debris caused problems for customers?

    I’ve got no road nicks in 20 months, all conditions and up to 100 mph. Boards are works of art to be seen, used surfing or cruising at 80mph. Bags remind me of living room furniture, encased in plastic you can’t see through.

    What can you tell us about the product’s sales so far?

    Surfer Pegs are being purchased from surfers all over the world, with most orders coming from Australia. They’re being sold online at Surfer Peg with intense followup to ensure each set fits the bike correctly.

    Where do you ship from?

    Los Angeles, California.

    Are they available in stores?

    It’s possible Surfer Pegs could be sold in stores in the near future. In fact if there’s a surf shop in Texas that’s interested in selling these, I’d like to hear from them. However, I’d be very careful about who I let sell Surfer Pegs because it’s too high-tech to not have an expert guide you through using them. They’re not for everyone; only special rider/surfers can use these and I want to be careful of who buys it.

    This concept is so incredible that no insurance company will take it and so far no store’s been willing to take on the responsibility involved in selling these, and that’s why so far they’ve only been sold online.

    What has been your main method of sales?

    Word of mouth. My logo is on all of my boards (I’m an expert glasser) so people see the business name on the road. Everyone notices you when you ride with Surfer Pegs. They photograph you in the fast lane on the freeway. They smile and wave. They come up and talk. You get the rock star treatment. When a car full of babes starts waving and taking your picture you’ll never ride without the board on your Surfer Pegs again.

    Can anything else be carried on Surfer Pegs?

    Sure, you name it. I use my Surfer Pegs to carry all kinds of things on my Harley, including my guitar, fishing poles, sail board, golf clubs, skis, whatever you can think of.

    Ready to save some gas money and cruise to the beach on your motorcycle for a surf? Get your own set of Surfer Pegs!

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