Beware Sea Lice and Jelly Fish!

A reader wrote:

Hi, my wife & I are considering a visit to Port Aransas and possibly other spots along the coast for body surfing. What's the scoop on sea lice? I am not talking about the bait shrimp; I am talking about the jelly fish larvae that make you itch like crazy. If there are sea lice, are there times of year when they are more prevalent than others? Also, are there times of year when the surf is better than others?
Sea lice are jelly fish babies, so as you can imagine, coming into contact with them is a somewhat painful experience. I found a few advertisements on the internet that say sea lice are more prevalent in the summer months but to be honest, I doubt this. I've gone to the beach and seen hundreds of jelly fish on the sand at all times of the year, and whenever there are jelly fish there are going to be jelly fish babies. Correct me if you know differently, but I don't think sea lice are seasonal; I think those advertisers want you to buy their products and they know most people will be at the beach during the summer, so they emphasize summer sea lice.
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