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Galveston College Teaches Surfing

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It’s about time they started teaching surfing in college.  Galveston College (in Galveston, Texas, of course) is now offering a surfing class. Checkout the price kicker: It’s $250 but you can also add on another class such as English or Math for only $36.  That’s hard to beat.  You can take care of your physical ed class and another required course for under $300 and learn how to surf at the same time.

Surfing is a great class to offer because surfing is about so much more than just riding waves in the ocean. For one, you’re guaranteed to shed fat and get a nice tan. The salt water will also clear up any skin issues a person might have and also helps any wounds heal faster. I write all of this from personal experience. On top of all these benefits of surfing, you’ll build muscle, agility, endurance, make friends, learn team work (ever been in a lineup?); you’ll learn that you can surf, which is something most people think they could never do. You’ll gain self confidence.  You’ll learn an appreciation of the peacefulness of mother nature and an appeciation for the power of mother nature. You’ll see sunrises at the edge of the world you thought were only in movies.

You’ll find out what it’s like to fight the current in order to catch a wave, an experience I compare to everyday life every time I paddle out.

You’ll earn some college credits and open the doors to an education that will give you a better life.  And if you already know how to surf, this class is your obvious choice.


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