We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Hotels!

Hello again, traveling surfers: Want to sleep on something more comfortable than a couch? How about an airbed or futon?  A new company has setup AirBedandBreakfast.com, which hooks up travelers with people who have a room available for them to sleep in. An online ad reads:
"...People with extra space post a profile online, offering it to out-of-town visitors. Would-be hosts determine the nightly rate (typically less than $100 per night) and describe the amenities. Accommodations range from fold-out futons in common rooms to proper beds in private rooms."
At the time of this writing their website says they have beds available in 704 cities and 71 countries. You can sign up for free, but unlike couch surfing you do have to pay for the nightly stay. Booking a room is as quick as searching for your destination city, finding a listing, and then booking with your credit card. Of course for your money you do get a nicer accommodation than a couch. (Read about Couchsurfing here, the free way to travel.) There are some "hidden" fees, however. On top of the nightly rate, you pay the website a 5-12% service fee. The person renting out the room collects the price of the room, minus a 3% fee for processing the guest's credit card. At under $100/night, this is cheaper than most hotels and maybe some motels. If you find a room for, say, $35, and you absolutely can't sleep on a couch, then it could be a good bargain. I think the Couchsurfers offering you their couch would be a more adventuresome crowd though, and they also aren't out to collect your money. In my opinion, Couchsurfing.com would be a better fit for most traveling surfers, but this site is definitely worth checking out before your next trip. This is a video tour of the website and how it works.
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