An Extremely Tough Surfboard Bag

Surfboard bags are paramount when going on a surf trip, but I have to admit I never feel like my board is as protected as I'd like it to be. If something gets thrown on the bag, it's still likely to ding my board or even break or put a hole in it. Even putting foam on the rails doesn't guarantee that your surfboard will make it safely to your next session. Enter SOMA Airbag Designs. These bags are made out of triple coated Polyester with Poly Vinyl Chloride and sonic heat welded. I'll be honest - I have no idea what any of that stuff is, but apparently it's some amazing and tough material that keeps your board in perfect condition while you travel from one surf spot to the next. The prices are good, too. A bag that's 6'6" costs only $125. Watch this quick video to see a demonstration of just how tough these surfboard bags are.
"YouTube Preview Image"
See more about the SOMA Airbag Design.

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