Avoiding Surfboard Injuries

Found a really good article you’ll like about injuries caused by surfboards over here. I like to think that everyone gets smacked by their board now and then, but who knows. I do know it happens to me at least once a year, and it hurts pretty bad.

surfer under water Avoiding Surfboard Injuries

When you go under water, it’s a really good idea to be sure you know about where your board is before you bring your head back above water. This can be difficult if you’re totally out of air after a wipeout and you’re having trouble finding the board, but it usually only takes a second or two. What you do is kick back the foot that has your leash attached to it, or pull on the leash if you can find it, and you also know the board is going with the current.

It’s a good idea to also never put your board between yourself and a wave, because a wave could quickly push it right into you.

You could also be hit by someone else’s surfboard, so you have to lookout for others’ boards too.

Here’s an excerpt from this article:

… A lady that had progressed nicely over the last year since I gave her surf lessons last summer was out surfing and attempted to push her board through a breaking wave. For some reason, the board didn’t penetrate the wave as intended and it was pushed back with a vengeance, hitting her in the mouth and breaking a couple of her front teeth.

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