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When to Surf: Find Out With the Freestyle Tide Wrist Watch

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As a surfer you know that the tide and waves change several times a day, and you’ve undoubtedly gone to the beach with your board only to find that the waves weren’t big enough for the board you brought (you brought a short board and should have brought a long board) or that there’s no surf at all. This is the most frustrating part of being a surfer, but over time you’ve probably figured out how to make that happen much less often; mainly by paying attention to the wind.

Imagine you step outside your home in the morning and there’s a cool breeze flowing from the direction of the ocean, or of the Gulf if you’re in Texas. Onshore winds make the best waves, but one question still lingers: When is high tide?

For those new to surfing, high tide is when you want to go surf because it means the water is coming toward the beach, making the water deeper. Deeper water means bigger waves, ipto facto: it’s time to surf. So knowing when the tide is high is the key to knowing when the waves will be best for riding, especially if you’re in a period when there are consistently waves at the beach. The only question during these times is, when is high tide? And you schedule your entire day around this time, if you have the luxury of knowing when the tide will rise.


High and Low Tide Water is Predictable

The good news is that the tide is predicable, even over very long periods of time. Today, you can find out what time the tide will rise 3 months from now, in any part of the world. If you have a tool that tells you when high tide is at any location on Earth, you’re prepared to surf at any beach on any day. All you need is a Freestyle Tide Watch.

A few features:

  • This watch has tide data for 75 beaches worldwide. That doesn’t seem to cover the whole planet until you check out this next feature:
  • It also has a 180 minute offset, which means you can set the watch to tell you the tide of a nearby beach, then offset it by up to 180 minutes. This will completely make up for the difference in the tide. How much do you offset the tide? Go to a local surf shop and ask them when high tide is coming. Then compare it to your nearest beach preset, and offset your watch.

Note for Texas surfers: Corpus Christi is already programmed into this watch, so you don’t have to offset anything if you’re surfing there. If you’re in Matagorda, give it a -15 minute offset, and for South Padre Island surfing, offset the tide watch by +15 minutes. Not too difficult!

  • This watch displays present and future tide data, has nine programmable favorite beaches, and is H2O resistant up to 100 meters. You don’t even have to take it off while you surf! And as you probably know, it’s really easy for a few hours to slip by while you’re in the water having a good time riding waves. Now you can make it home for dinner! Or breakfast, if you’re on dawn patrol.

This watch is a must for every serious surfer. You might be able to check tides from the internet when you have the time to do that, but nothing beats the convenience of glancing at your wrist. Now your watch tells you a lot more than what time it is – it tells you when it’s time to surf!


Full Features and Instructions

We’ve scanned in the full instruction manual for the tide watch and ALL of the beaches already programmed into the watch.

Check Out the Freestyle Tide Wrist Watch

This watch is telling us that high tide is going to be at 1:32am and will be rising 6.8 feet. That’s a huge tide! So when to surf? Before breakfast!


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