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Shark Bumps Surfer Off Surfboard

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Shark Attack Victim Glen Lockery

Imagine you’re on your surfboard and BAM, suddenly a shark rams your board from underneath and you go flying 4 feet into the air. You’d land in the water, totally vulnerable to the hungry shark. This could actually happen because sharks actually will bump you off your board. It seems like such a difficult situation to get out of that you’d probably expect to be eaten as soon as you hit the water and couldn’t reach your board. But one Australian surfer had this happen and did live to talk about it. When the shark hit the bottom of his surfboard, the board actually smacked him in the face and broke the board’s nose (see pic).

Apparently the shark simply left when, as Mr. Lockery explains, “Possibly it realized I wasn’t a fish or seal,” and he says he’s thankful to be alive. He admits to being shaken up after the attack (who wouldn’t be), but he made himself get back in the water the very next day. He says, “…After getting back in the water I’ve surfed every day since.”


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