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Start a Surfing Business

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
global surfing services business Start a Surfing Business

Imagine if you’re traveling to, I don’t know … Ormond Beach, Florida, or Perth, Australia, and you have a couch to crash on and a surfboard waiting on you, plus a guy to show you where to surf and where to paddle out. And you’ ve never even been there before. Nice, right? Couch Surfing is one thing, but I found a group of surfers who are looking to setup locations all over the world where traveling surfers can easily not only have a place to sleep, but also have a guide to help them quickly navigate to some fun surf.

Global Surfing Services is helping everyday surfers like you and me setup a little surfing business. Basically, these guys help direct surfers who are traveling to your area find you. You then provide them with surfing equipment (including a wet suit if necessary) and show them where to surf. Maybe the part about providing them with a couch to sleep on is something I’ve added in randomly, but isn’t providing your couch the least you could provide? They gotta sleep somewhere and most surfers don’t have a ton of cash to throw around in hotels (let me sleep on your couch!) and they won’t be able to drive anyway, after you provide them with some beer to drink (oh, come on, give them some beer!).

If you’re expertly located by a local break and want to make a little cash and some new surfer friends, checkout this surfing business opportunity today. They will set you up with a business website and help direct visiting surfers to your website. You can make money, have fun surfing, meet other surfers, and even make a little money in the process. Get your own surfing business now :)

I’m probably going to use your services at some point so let me know if you end up setting up a surfing business with Global Surfing Services. Especially if you’re in New Zealand.

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Crash Couches Around the World for Free!

Saturday, January 24th, 2009
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