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Rob Moachado in The Drifter: Info and Reviews on the Way!

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Step into Liquid: Info and Reviews on the Way!

Shark FAQ

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These are questions that people are actually typing into Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, and ending up at Some of these are questions they search for using the search box you see at the top of this web page. I figured I'd share them with you and answer what I can.

First I’d like to point out that sharks aren’t “mean.” They’re just hungry and if you’re in the water they just might taste you. A shark might decide you don’t taste good, and only eat your leg or arm; sometimes a shark will be so hungry it doesn’t care how you taste, and it’ll throw you around and eat you up.

Can you survive a shark eating you?

Probably not, but it really depends on how much of you it eats, what parts, and how much blood you lose before you get to the hospital. If it eats 1/2 of you, you probably won’t make it. If it eats your head, you’re doomed. If you lose 1/2 your blood before you get to the hospital, you probably won’t even need to go to the hospital.

Are you more likely to be kicked to death by a donkey than bitten by a shark?

I don’t know, man. I looked for info on this, ended up at, and they don’t know either.

Are you more likely to survive a shark or lion attack?

I don’t know. But one time when I was little I put a tarantula and a scorpion in a jar, and the spider won.

Is there a shark repellant for surfers?

They best thing I’ve found is Shark Shield, but I haven’t tested it out. If they’ll send me a free setup to test it for you, I’ll let you know how it goes.

What colors attract sharks?

Bright colors. Shiny things. So the wetsuit I have that has yellow and blue and red all over it is not a good thing to wear in the water, and jewelry isn’t a good thing to wear in the ocean either.

You also shouldn’t skinny dip in the ocean… the one time I got bumped by a shark, I had just slipped on my shorts under the water.

What do you do if a shark is near you?

Get back to shore quickly but without splashing and screaming. Splashing and screaming could excite the shark and cause it to attack you. But I’ll admit that the one time I was bumped by a shark, I got out as fast as I could and I did quite a bit of splashing.

Are there a lot of sharks in Galveston surf?

I’ve been told sharks like to hang out between the second and third sand bars. This sucks because the best waves are right in front of the second bar. I’ve never had any trouble with sharks in Galveston though, and I used to surf it nearly every day. This includes San Luis Pass, which people tell me is infested with sharks and has crazy rip tides. Never had any trouble there, it was just a great place to surf.

Do sharks attack people alone or in groups?

Sharks mostly attack people when people are alone, but they’ll attack people in a group also. It’s best to surf in a group. You probably won’t get attacked, but if you do, you have people to help you. And it’s more fun in a group anyway.

Do sharks come out in the rain?

Rain stirs up the water, and fish are known to bite more during or just after a rain. It seems likely that sharks are more prone to “attack”, or feed, during and just after a rain.

How fast do sea lions escape shark attack?

Hmm. I’d say sometimes it isn’t fast enough.

If a shark is involved in a fight and loses a limb will that limb grow back?


Can you surf during menstruation?

I wouldn’t recommend it. Blood and even urine attract sharks.

Sharks attack surfers because they think they are:

Turtles. You look like a turtle from under the water when you’re on your surfboard and your legs and arms are hanging off the sides.

Staying calm around a shark…

I don’t think I could stay very calm around a shark, so I don’t have any mind tricks to share.

Will a shark leave if you hit them in their sensitive spots?

It might, and that’s what you should do. But the spot you should hit is their nose. I’m thinking it’ll be easy to see their nose in order to hit it because it’s right above the teeth they’re trying to eat you with.

Texas Shark

Galveston Surf

Billy Blues takes the best surfing pictures for Galveston, for sure. Look at this wave from this morning, it peels so nicely.

spacer Galveston Surf

Galveston, Texas Surfing - Peeling Wave

Texas Surf is Up!

It looks fun because it is fun.
Texas Surfing

Introducing Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine

Found in Surf News — Tags: , , — Texas Surfer


From High Island to SPI, surfers and enthusiasts can now enjoy complete coverage of the Texas surf scene.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX. – Feb.1 2010 – Sirfur Productions announces the release of “Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine”, a quarterly publication with a sole focus on the Texas surf scene.

With Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine, Texan surfers no longer have to hope and pray for a brief glimpse of Texan waves in any of the major surfing publications. Now Texans have the opportunity to see their coast in full color, possibly seeing themselves in action.

Each issue of Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine is between 44-60 pages, full of beautiful photos of Texan waves in all its under-appreciated glory. In-depth articles about Texan surfers, surf spots, and the Texas contest scene stuff the covers, and the magazine promises to have “more content” and “less advertisement. The magazine, printed on heavy-duty, gloss paper, surpasses the quality of most major surf publications.

Texas Gulf Coast Surfing Magazine is available at newsstands and surf shops. The cover price is $5.00 Subscriptions are available for $12.00 per year (plus tax) at

Company president Joe Vulgamore states: “Texan surfers are a special breed, with special stoke. While our waves are less than world class, we still get good surf and our surfers deserve the recognition. Our coastal economies could also use a boost from tourism and vacationers. Perhaps our magazine can help.”

About Sirfur Productions

Sirfur Productions is a multi-media company focused on the Texas surf scene. Founded by Joe Vulgamore in June 2008, Sirfur Productions also delivers surf entertainment in the form of Texas Surf TV (, which has five channels of “On Demand” surf videos, swell and buoy information, and the popular series “Off the Lip”.

For more information on the product, or to order online, visit or call 361-653-2580.

Media contact:
Joe Vulgamore
Phone: 361-653-2580

Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

Used surfboards are great for learning to surf, but most experienced surfers buy custom surfboards. They go to a local surfboard shaper and talk to them about what they want their board to be like. You can specify everything about it: the length, width, how much of a curve you want at the tip, how many fins you want it to have, how it’s cut in the back – everything.

Every beach town has its local surfboard shapers, and if you’re in Corpus Christi, Texas, Mike Doyle is the shaper you want making your custom surfboards.

Custom ordering a board built just for you is a wonderful process for the surfer who wants and expects a little more when the all important decision needs to be made on what you expect to get out of your first, or next surfboard. – Website of Custom Shaper, Mike Doyle

Mike will even fix you up with custom surfboard art.

Here are some pics of his boards.

mike doyle surfboard corpus christi 1 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 2 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 3 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

You can view a LOT of pics of Mike’s surfboards by clicking here.

Checkout these pics of Mike’s custom surfboards in action:

mike doyle barrelled 300x157 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle costa rica surfing 300x199 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard air 300x202 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

Get Your Custom Surfboard

If you want the highest quality surfboard design, a board that’s made just for you in Corpus Christi, this is the guy who will be shaping your next surfboard.

mike doyle surfboard shaper Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

Mike Doyle

Get directions to Mike Doyle Custom Surfboards shop, contact Mike, and order your own by checking out his website here.

Galveston Surfing Picture from Today

Looks really fun!

galveston texas surfer Galveston Surfing Picture from Today

Texas Surf Pictures

This is really a tribute to a website that was called Surf Texas 365. It was one of my favorites and I linked to it from Texas Surfers until it disappeared. I was able to grab some of the photos and info off of the website, though, and I’m posting those here.

davegreen Texas Surf Pictures

Dave Lilliott- Jetty at Surfside, TX, 10/24/00. Photo Leon Bryse

dan Texas Surf Pictures

Dan Biddington- the OctaGONE at Surfside, TX 11/24/00. Photo Dave Lilliott

I got tired of hearing how there was no surf in Texas. So in 1999, I got myself a waterproof camera and set out to dispell the fallacy that there was no surf in Texas. Following you will find photos of my ventures up and down the Texas coast, capturing totally ridable surf ridden by surfers with as much stoke as you will find anywhere in the world. We may not get huge surf in Texas, but we get surf just the same. The surf we get simply makes us hungrier for more. Enjoy these photos and keep on surfing! Mahalo! -Dave Lilliott

Most of the pictures on the website weren’t able to be saved. I got everything I could.

carol 300x200 Texas Surf Pictures

Here's a Jansky wahine going right. Surfside, TX, 1/16/00. Photo D. Lilliott

closeup 300x191 Texas Surf Pictures

A close-up of Larry gliding by. Surfside, TX, 1/16/00. Photo D. Lilliott

bottomturn 300x202 Texas Surf Pictures

A Texas unknown making a bottom turn. Surfside, TX, 1/23//00. Photo D. Lilliott


Fun Surf on the Texas Coast Today!

Get on it :D
galveston surf 300x268 Fun Surf on the Texas Coast Today!

Happy New Year’s Eve!

This picture has to make you smile. I’m sure I’ve made this face many times on the water. It’s barely surfable out there but we’re still managing to have fun.

As the years go by, you learn to appreciate the lulls almost as much as you enjoy the swells.

new years eve surfing galveston tx Happy New Years Eve!

A Christmas Swell for Galveston, TX

I suppose we can thank Santa (:

image5 A Christmas Swell for Galveston, TX

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