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    Last Christmas Eve Texas Surf – Video

    How’s winter surfing in Texas? Checkout this video from Texas Surf TV, shot December 24, 2009. Like an early Christmas present.

    Surfside, Tx Dec 24/09 from les freese on Vimeo.

    Texas Surf is Up!

    It looks fun because it is fun.
    4343125669 f63500ec97 Texas Surf is Up!

    Galveston Surfing Picture from Today

    Looks really fun!

    galveston texas surfer Galveston Surfing Picture from Today

    Why You Should Buy Used Surfboards

    • You’ll save hundreds of dollars if you buy used surfboards.
    • Brand new surfboards cost a lot of money. A new Rusty shortboard can cost you over $800 easily, and longboards often are priced at over $1,000. Used boards are generally under $400, with many decent boards for first-timers running $250 or less.
    • You help out a fellow surfer when you buy their surfboard.
    • The surfboard gets to go to a good home (a surfer’s home where it’ll be loved and played with, not stuck on a wall for looks).
    • When you ding the used board, it’s not as big a deal as it would be if the board was brand new. If you buy your boards new, a major ding or crack can cost you $800 (the price of a new board) versus a couple hundred. And even if the ding is small, the emotional damage is much less if the board is used rather than brand new. It’s similar to getting a scratch on a used car and getting a scratch on a new car.
    • You can have more surfboards because you spend less on them. Imagine the variety of surfboards you could be surfing with! An $800 board could have been 3 used  boards.
    • Used surfboards usually come with a traction pad, a leash, and cool stickers.
    • You get to meet a fellow surfer during the transaction, someone you might end up paddling out with.
    • Buying a used surfboard is the best way to learn how to surf at the lowest cost.
    • It’s easy to find used  boards.
    • It’s easy to sell used  boards when it’s time to get another board. And the same money you sell it with is all you’ll need to get another used surfboard.
    used surfboards Why You Should Buy Used Surfboards

    Sell or buy used surfboards for free on Texas Surfers. And by the way, you don’t have to live in Texas to use the for sale board.

    Sell Stuff on the Beach Life For Sale Board

    Every month, thousands of surfers will see your free ad.

    • Remain anonymous. (No one knows who you are.)
    • No registration. (Not even us.)
    • It’s Free.
    • Sell, Trade, Buy: Surf Gear & Beach Real Estate. Get Started

    A lot of people come to this website looking for used surfboards, used surfboard tie downs, old but useable wet suits, and more types of surf gear. I also see people coming to this website searching for condos, hotels, and beach houses that are for sale and rent all over south Texas. The towns they usually went to buy, rent, and surf in are Galveston, Surfside, Port Aransas, Corpus Christi, and South Padre.

    If you happen to have something that’s surf related that you want to sell, you can now list it on for free. You can type in a full description, add pictures, and remain completely anonymous. You don’t even have to register and your ad is placed in minutes.

    If you have beach real estate, such as a beach house you want to rent out or sell, you can list that here, too.

    Listings expire after 30 days, but you can always repost your listing for free at any time.

    For Sale Ideas

    Here are some things you might want to list on the Beach Life For Sale Board:

    Surfboards, surfboard bags, wet suits, fins, leashes, tie downs, old surfing photos and prints, beach houses and condos for sale or lease, skate boards, and pretty much anything else that’s related to surfing and beach life. If you have something to sell that fits into a category that doesn’t yet exist, send us an email and we’ll create the category just for you.

    Post a free for sale ad right now!

    classified directions 1 Sell Stuff on the Beach Life For Sale Board

    View the Beach Life For Sale Board.

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