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U.S. Recession Leads to Fewer Shark Attacks

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"Could the lousy economy be keeping you from being mauled by a Great White? According to one researcher, the answer is yes. "

During a recession, less people are in the water because less people are going on vacations. This means sharks see a lot less people and attack a lot fewer people. But the idea that sharks are eating us less because we don’t have as much money is a little ridiculous.

shark attacks during recession

It's all fun and games until someone gets bit!


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Why Surfers Should Care About the Climate Summit

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Glacier ice falling on surfers

Ice falling from a glacier into the ocean, near surfers. Affects of global warming.

Let’s Talk About Heat, Baby

Some people seriously don’t want the world leaders to discuss warmth. Yea… heat … from the sun … there are people who really, seriously, don’t want world leaders talking about warmth from the sun. Over 1,000 of them protested the Copenhagen Climate Summit and were arrested this past week, and good riddance.

The Melting Surfboard

A  fellow surfer named Conn Bertish has come up with his own creative way to make us more aware of what climate change means to us as surfers. As part of the Save Our Seas Foundation (SOSF) Wavescapes Surf Film Festival and Art Exhibition, Conn Bertish created a life-size surfboard made out of ice. It was auctioned off on December 9, and all the proceeds went to the NSRI and Shark Spotters.  The point?  The surfboard ice sculpture melted over two days’ time, a visual reminder of what global warming is doing to our planet and our surf spots.


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