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New World Record in Surfing

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most surfers on a single wave New World Record in Surfing

In an event called the Earthwave Global Surf Challenge, a new record for the number of surfers surfing a single wave was broken this month. The event involves an annual event of surfers at various surf breaks around the globe attempting to break the same record. The heart of the event is to raise awareness for global warming and sustainable lifestyles.

The old record for the number of people to ride a single wave at one time was 100 (set in Earthwave Brazil, Santos in 2008)… which seems fairly unbreakable.  But on October 4th, the record was broken at Muizenberg Corner, Cape Town South Africa when more than 100 people surfed the same wave. “We estimated that there were more than 120 surfers on the fifth of the seven waves surfed at Muizenberg during Earthwave,” said a founder of the event, Paul Botha of Kahuna Promotions. While this first estimate of 120 surfers on the wave wasn’t unreasonable, taking into account that more than 440 surfers attempted the wave, photographic evidence shown here shows 103 surfers on the same wave … still enough to break the old record of 100.

Source 1Source 2.

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The Perfect Wave

Remember in the surf documentary, Endless Summer where Robert August and Mike Hynson rode those really long waves in Cape St. Francis, South Africa? They would be on the same wave for up to 45 seconds, a really long time to ride one wave. And the wave was so perfect it’s the absolute most perfect longboard wave ever made. The movie described it best by saying it was as if the wave was made by a machine. If you’re on a longboard this morning, this is probably the wave you dream of catching.

Enter the Poraroca Wave in the Amazon River, found in Brazil. Twice a year, a phenomenon called the “Tidal Bore” creates the longest wave on the planet. The Atlantic ocean water gets so high that it meets the Amazon river. When these two massive bodies of water meet, the two clash and create a wave that goes as high as 12 feet and lasts for over 30 minutes. The crash of this wave is so loud that it can be heard for 30 miles away, and it’s so powerful that it can destroy anything in its way, including houses, trees, and people.

There is also a lot of debris in the water, and at times surfers find themselves floating alongside entire trees. In 2003 a Brazilian surfer named Picuruta Salazar rode the wave for 37 minutes and his ride took him over 12 kilometers.

YouTube Preview Image
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Surfer Attacked by Two Sharks at Once

Found in Safety, Shark Attacks, Surf News, Surfing — Tags: , , — Texas Surfer

Just one shark is enough to freak anyone out. This guy got attacked by two sharks and it’s all caught on film!

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