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    Surf Art Puzzles by Jay Alders

    Found in Surfing, ,

    This is a really cool gift for surfers who like puzzles. If it’s a grom you’re shopping for and you’re not sure if they like puzzles, getting them a surf art puzzle by Jay Alders is the best way to find out because you can’t go wrong. Having a piece of art on your wall by Jay Alders, especially one that you carefully put together, is something every surfer would love.

    If you haven’t heard of Jay Alders, he makes some of the coolest surf art in the industry and is considered top of the line. You can buy these surf art puzzles from Barnes & Noble.

    surfboard art puzzle jay alders 2 Surf Art Puzzles by Jay Alders

    Surf Art Puzzle Features

    • 500 Piece Puzzles
    • BIG 12″x36″ Assembled Size
    • Full Color
    • Fun for Family, Friends, Co-Workers!
    • Makes an Awesome Gift!
    • Hours and Hours of Challenging Fun!

    Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    You have to do something with those used surfboards, right? Turn them into lawn chairs you can take to the beach.

    surfboard chair 1 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    I found this blog post that shows how these guys turned the surfboard above into the chair you see below.

    surfboard chair 2 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    Here’s the finished product. I’m gonna have to make one of these.

    surfboard chair 3 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    Surfing Tattoos

    Found in Surfing, ,

    Here are a few more surfing related tattoos I found. First, here's a tattoo of Jay Alder's oil painting titled Leaning Towards Love.

    Jay Alders – Professional Surf Artist

    You really should checkout the full collection of surfing tattoos inspired by Jay Alders, but look at this tattoo and the painting that inspired it (below).

    alders tattoo leaning towards love 1 Surfing TattoosJay Alders" width="375" height="500" />

    alders tattoo leaning towards love 2 Surfing TattoosJay Alders" width="262" height="600" />

    Surf Artist, Gabe Prusmack

    Another surf artist you might want to talk to about your next tattoo is Gabe Prusmack. You can call him at 409-939-8050 or checkout his myspace.

    Random Surfing Tattoos

    shark surfer tattoo Surfing Tattoos

    surfer tattoo Surfing Tattoos

    surfing tattoo Surfing Tattoos

    For Kids

    Here are a couple of surfing tattoos for kids to stick on themselves. Not bad for just $1.50.
    kid surfing tattoo Surfing Tattoos

    Sick Surf Art by Gabe Prusmack

    So I found this incredible set of surf art you won’t want to stop looking at and I had to show it to you. This guy is a surfer and artist in Galveston, Texas, named Gabe Prusmack. He paints these amazing pieces of art pretty much everywhere. If you need a killer design in your home or condo, give this guy a call. If you want an incredible work of art on your next surfboard, Gabe is the guy for the job. It was hard to choose which pictures to show you here, and I was only able to narrow it down to about 20.

    Call Gabe at 409-939-8050 or checkout his myspace.

    Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Used surfboards are great for learning to surf, but most experienced surfers buy custom surfboards. They go to a local surfboard shaper and talk to them about what they want their board to be like. You can specify everything about it: the length, width, how much of a curve you want at the tip, how many fins you want it to have, how it’s cut in the back – everything.

    Every beach town has its local surfboard shapers, and if you’re in Corpus Christi, Texas, Mike Doyle is the shaper you want making your custom surfboards.

    Custom ordering a board built just for you is a wonderful process for the surfer who wants and expects a little more when the all important decision needs to be made on what you expect to get out of your first, or next surfboard. – Website of Custom Shaper, Mike Doyle

    Mike will even fix you up with custom surfboard art.

    Here are some pics of his boards.

    mike doyle surfboard corpus christi 1 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 2 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 3 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    You can view a LOT of pics of Mike’s surfboards by clicking here.

    Checkout these pics of Mike’s custom surfboards in action:

    mike doyle barrelled 300x157 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle costa rica surfing 300x199 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard air 300x202 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Get Your Custom Surfboard

    If you want the highest quality surfboard design, a board that’s made just for you in Corpus Christi, this is the guy who will be shaping your next surfboard.

    mike doyle surfboard shaper Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Mike Doyle

    Get directions to Mike Doyle Custom Surfboards shop, contact Mike, and order your own by checking out his website here.

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