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Can I Carry My Surfboard On a Motorcycle?

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
surfboard on motorcycle drawing Can I Carry My Surfboard On a Motorcycle?

Last summer, gas prices were so high that I was wishing I could carry my surfboard on a motorcycle. It’s only about a 15 minute drive but the gas mileage is so much better on a motorcycle. I’ve been told that a bike uses about 5 times less gasoline than a truck. There are bicycle surfboard racks, so why not motorcyle surfboard racks?  I talked to some friends about this and we decided there would be a balance issue if you had a board on one side. It has to still be possible, at least with some kind of weight on the other side of the motorcyle to balance the bike. I don’t currently have a bike so I can’t test any of this out. Anyway, I found this motorcycle cartoon from a 1965 bike magazine. Looks like the guy in the drawing is using plungers to hold his surfboard on. This would obviously not work since the wind would yank the board right off of the plungers when he hits 55 mph.

Then I found an advertisement in a 1966 bike magazine that was actually selling something really similar to this, called the Sky-Rac. It doesn’t use plungers and it actually looks like it would work. The problem is that it looks extremely uncool.

carry surfboard on motorcycle Can I Carry My Surfboard On a Motorcycle?
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