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    Buy Leash Ties

    Gnarly Leash Ties

    Gnarly Leash Ties are new. Surfers like myself find that we can only get a leash tie by either buying a leash ($20) or a new pair of baggies ($50). The truth is that before Gnarly Leash Ties, “free” leash ties have been really expensive. The ones on the market aren’t that strong either, and they snap. There has also been a lack of variety in leash tie color.

    Gnarly Leash Ties come in a variety of colors, and you can buy 1 or 100. They’re also made of 400-pound tested parachute rope. People trust their lives to this material, we trust it to hold our surfboard.


    all leash ties Buy Leash Ties

    4 Leash Ties for $8. Get all four colors.


    blue leash tie Buy Leash Ties

    Blue Leash Tie


    green leash tie Buy Leash Ties

    Neon Green Leash Tie


    red leash tie Buy Leash Ties

    Red Leash Tie


    black leash tie Buy Leash Ties

    Black Leash Tie


    WANT FREE SHIPPING? Order more than $10 of leash ties, and shipping is free.

    Gnarly Leash Ties are super strong! They’re 400-pound tested parachute rope. Sky divers trust their lives to this rope, so we trust it to hold onto our surfboards. They’re better than any leash tie you’ve ever used.

    If you want to carry these in your surf shop, or want to see them in a local surf shop, I can be contacted using this form.

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    Quiz Time

    The Indespensible Surf Leash Tie

    Ever snapped a surf leash tie? You come up after a wipe out on a day when the sea is angry, and even though you're wearing a leash, your board has shot across the water because the leash tie snapped. If the tide is up your board probably heads to shore, so you chase it down. And now you have a problem: Where do I get a new leash tie? And your brain answers back,

    Now Buy Individual Leash Ties in a Variety of Colors

    So you go to your favorite surf shop and what do you find? They tell you that to get a new leash tie you have to either buy a new leash (way too expensive for this little rope) or buy a pair of baggies that come with a complimentary leash tie. Either way you’re looking at spending $20-50 just to get this leash tie. And that’s all fine and dandy for surf companies, but what about us? We just need a freakin’ leash tie and we’re not rich!

    Last time I needed a leash tie, the guy at the surf shop basically stole one out of a pair of baggies and sold it to me for $2.50. There are two problems with this. First off, what about the person who buys those baggies and doesn’t get the leash tie they expect? Also, $2.50 is a lot to pay for that little rope!

    One other problem I have with leash tie’s is that there’s no variety. They’re always black! What if I want a red or a blue one? Why isn’t anyone addressing this problem? I want to go to a surf shop and buy 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 surf leash ties at a decent price and even pick out the colors I like.

    And now we can.

    I’m introducing surf leash ties in a variety of colors, at a great price: 4 leash ties for $5. That’s only $1.25 each, and these things are even tested for 400 pounds of pressure, so you can count on them to hang on to your surfboard.


    When they sell out, I’ll buy other colors, like orange, maybe some camouflage, and whatever else you tell me you’d like to see.

    Carry a Surfboard on Your Bicycle

    With this contraption you can carry your surfboard on your bicycle. These pictures were taken recently in Galveston, Texas. Surf shops in the area have these; I’ve seen them at Surf Specialties and I’m pretty sure the others will have them too.

    surfboard on bicycle.thumbnail Carry a Surfboard on Your Bicycle
    surfboard on bicycle 2.thumbnail Carry a Surfboard on Your Bicycle

    Can I Carry My Surfboard On a Motorcycle?

    surfboard on motorcycle drawing Can I Carry My Surfboard On a Motorcycle?

    NOTE: If you seriously want to carry a surfboard (or just about anything else on your motorcycle), you need to read the blog on Surfer Pegs.

    Last summer, gas prices were so high that I was wishing I could carry my surfboard on a motorcycle. It’s only about a 15 minute drive but the gas mileage is so much better on a motorcycle. I’ve been told that a bike uses about 5 times less gasoline than a truck. There are bicycle surfboard racks, so why not motorcyle surfboard racks?  I talked to some friends about this and we decided there would be a balance issue if you had a board on one side. It has to still be possible, at least with some kind of weight on the other side of the motorcyle to balance the bike. I don’t currently have a bike so I can’t test any of this out. Anyway, I found this motorcycle cartoon from a 1965 bike magazine. Looks like the guy in the drawing is using plungers to hold his surfboard on. This would obviously not work since the wind would yank the board right off of the plungers when he hits 55 mph.

    Then I found an advertisement in a 1966 bike magazine that was actually selling something really similar to this, called the Sky-Rac. It doesn’t use plungers and it actually looks like it would work. The problem is that it looks extremely uncool.

    carry surfboard on motorcycle Can I Carry My Surfboard On a Motorcycle?

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