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    Why Motorized Surfboards Never Made It

    Found in Surf Comedy, , ,

    Check this thing out, it's a surfboard that runs on an engine. The problem is that while this guy looks relaxed, he doesn't seem to be having much fun. And surfing is all about having fun.

    But I do think it could have worked out for fishing on a pond. I wouldn’t brave waves standing up like that, though.

    An engine could be useful on a surfboard if the engine was very light-weight. It could help you speed up to catch a wave, assist with the paddle out, and you could give it a rev as you’re about to air. The extra air would be cool and the paddling easier, but we’d lose a lot of the exercise benefits we get from surfing.

    motor surfboard Why Motorized Surfboards Never Made It

    Checkout Bamboo Surfboards

    Found in Surf News, Surfing,

    I never paid much attention to bamboo, but apparently it’s the strongest natural material on the planet. Bamboo surfboards are totally eco friendly, which is all good, but what about performance? says, “The lightweight boards also provide greater aerial potential and produce a ‘push-flex’ effect known in snow skiing [which delivers] higher control and speed in turns.” Check out Bamboo Surfboards here.

    bamboo surfboard 1 Checkout Bamboo Surfboards

    Color Changing Surfboards

    Checkout this surfboard that actually changes color with heat.

    The board’s fiberglass has a pigment that’s sensitive to heat. As the board gets hotter, the fiberglass turns white, which deflects the sun’s rays. This keeps your board from getting too incredibly hot. Then, when you paddle out into the water and the board cools down, it returns to its normal, darker color.

    color changing surfboard 300x187 Color Changing SurfboardsSurfboard that Changes Color" width="300" height="187" />

    Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    You have to do something with those used surfboards, right? Turn them into lawn chairs you can take to the beach.

    surfboard chair 1 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    I found this blog post that shows how these guys turned the surfboard above into the chair you see below.

    surfboard chair 2 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    Here’s the finished product. I’m gonna have to make one of these.

    surfboard chair 3 Turn Your Old Surfboard into a Chair

    Gifts for Surfers

    Whether you’re buying a surfer a gift for Christmas, Valentine’s or for their birthday, these are some gifts they’re sure to enjoy.

    Surfboard Cam

    Surfers want a surfboard for one or two reasons: To show off what they can do in the water, either just to their friends and family, a girl, or to make a sponsor film. Another reason is to have the ability to watch themselves surfing, check out where they’re placing their feet on the board, and how they react to the waves, in order to improve. GoPro offers a great surf cam.

    Board Shorts

    If you swim every day you don’t want to wear the same swim suit every single day – that’s not fashionable at all. Surfers don’t want to wear the same board shorts every day, either. Aside from not being fashionable, the ocean makes your shorts stink. Hurley, Quicksilver, and Billabong make good board shorts – find out what their favorite brand is and what colors they like.

    Wet Suit

    Wet suits are essential to surfing in winter. If your surfer doesn’t already have a wetsuit, you’ll be opening up a whole new world of surfing to them by buying one for them. Winter surf is entirely different (bigger, better, more powerful, more fun) than summer surf. If they already have a wet suit, take a good look at it; wet suits are prone to getting holes in them, and over time, we tend to outgrow them. It may be time for a new one.

    New Surfboard

    This is the king of new gifts for surfers. Look at the boards they already have and get one that’s comparable. Or ask them if there’s any kind of surfboard they’re really like to have; chances are they have one in mind. There’s really nothing better you can get them.

    Surfboard Stickers

    Stickers are good for several things. For one, they look cool. It’s fun to stick them on your surfboard, your car or truck, and your pet’s food bowl. They’re also good for putting on little dings in your surfboard. As a gift giver, the best thing about stickers is that they’re cool and very cheap. You can probably get a handful for under $5 at a surf shop. They don’t have to be the expensive ones (there are expensive ones, too, $3-5 each).

    Indo Board

    The Indo Board is a good gift because it’s a new challenge that improves your balance, which surfers must have. These boards are useful for improving surfing and fun for everyone who tries them. I’ve seen them be quite useful at parties.

    New Clothes from Their Favorite Surf Shop

    If the surfer is like me or any surfer I know, they like plad shorts, tshirts, flip flops, and hats from their favorite surf shop. Just be sure to get the right size and their favorite brands.

    Gift Card for Favorite Surf Shop

    If you’re not sure what size or brands to get, or if they’re rather the money be spent on clothes or surfing equipment, get them a gift card for their favorite surf shop. If the surf shop doesn’t have gift cards, they probably have a way to add credit to a person’s name, which is basically the same thing.

    Surfboard Tiedowns

    Surfboard tiedowns tend to get loose over time. If they break while they’re holding a surfboard down onto a vehicle, the surfboard will fly off and probably crash into another vehicle. Either way, an expensive surfboard will be completely ruined. It’s a good idea to replace them every couple of years.

    Month Supply of Surf Wax

    One thing surfers always need is more surf wax. Luckily it’s really cheap, around $1-2 a bar. You’ll want to find out what their favorite brand of surf wax is and how often they surf. They probably need one bar for every day they surf. If they surf 20 days a month, pick them up 20 bars for around $20-30.

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