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    Texas Surfer on Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks: The Australian Navy has just started using Shark Shield. ...

    Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Used surfboards are great for learning to surf, but most experienced surfers buy custom surfboards. They go to a local surfboard shaper and talk to them about what they want their board to be like. You can specify everything about it: the length, width, how much of a curve you want at the tip, how many fins you want it to have, how it’s cut in the back – everything.

    Every beach town has its local surfboard shapers, and if you’re in Corpus Christi, Texas, Mike Doyle is the shaper you want making your custom surfboards.

    Custom ordering a board built just for you is a wonderful process for the surfer who wants and expects a little more when the all important decision needs to be made on what you expect to get out of your first, or next surfboard. – Website of Custom Shaper, Mike Doyle

    Mike will even fix you up with custom surfboard art.

    Here are some pics of his boards.

    mike doyle surfboard corpus christi 1 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 2 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard corpus christi 3 300x225 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    You can view a LOT of pics of Mike’s surfboards by clicking here.

    Checkout these pics of Mike’s custom surfboards in action:

    mike doyle barrelled 300x157 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle costa rica surfing 300x199 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doylemike doyle surfboard air 300x202 Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Get Your Custom Surfboard

    If you want the highest quality surfboard design, a board that’s made just for you in Corpus Christi, this is the guy who will be shaping your next surfboard.

    mike doyle surfboard shaper Custom Surfboards by Mike Doyle

    Mike Doyle

    Get directions to Mike Doyle Custom Surfboards shop, contact Mike, and order your own by checking out his website here.

    Cardboard Surfboards

    Found in Surfing, ,

    Seriously.┬áMike Sheldrake, who lives near Newport beach, has been making cardboard surfboards. He even has videos on his website that show you how to make your own and you can also buy a kit from him if you like. It looks like a fun project, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be the only one at the beach on a cardboard surfboard. Check them out; he has kits for several different designs, and will even answer your questions as you build your own. Pics are below, and his website is here: Cardboard Surfboards.

    cardboard surfboard 1 Cardboard Surfboards
    cardboard surfboard 2 Cardboard Surfboards
    riding cardboard surfboard Cardboard Surfboards

    Carry a Surfboard on Your Bicycle

    With this contraption you can carry your surfboard on your bicycle. These pictures were taken recently in Galveston, Texas. Surf shops in the area have these; I’ve seen them at Surf Specialties and I’m pretty sure the others will have them too.

    surfboard on bicycle.thumbnail Carry a Surfboard on Your Bicycle
    surfboard on bicycle 2.thumbnail Carry a Surfboard on Your Bicycle

    Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks

    Finally, A Shark Repellent that Works

    I’ve looked high and low for a shark repellent and finally found one worth mentioning. It’s a product called Shark Shield, which repels sharks with an electric field that induces spasms in the shark’s snouts. It’s used to repel sharks while participating in numerous water sports: “surfing, bodyboarding, longboarding, snorkelling, scuba
    diving, free diving, spear fishing, commercial diving, kayaking, ocean swimming and boating or fishing.”

    Shark Shield is provided by an Australian based company, of the same name, that specializes in manufacturing products that protect people from sharks. According to their website, Shark Shield is used by the Australian Elite Army, the South African Navy, the US Coast Guard, and is approved by NATO. It provides protection against all predatory shark species. Tiger sharks, Great Whites, Bull sharks, Makos, Bronze Whalers, and more are deterred by this product.

    How Shark Shield Works

    Here’s an illustration of how Shark Shield works for surfboards.

    surfer shark shield Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks

    “The Surf unit is compact and lightweight and produces up to an eight meter shark safe zone. The unit can attach to all surfboards and weighs around 350 grams, and the less once in the water. The unit comes compete with mounting plate, deck grip and electrode tail. If you have more than one surfboard, mounting plates can be attached to numerous craft and the unit is then detached, using an Allen key, and reattached to another mounting plate. This Shark Shield Surf has a 7 hour rechargeable lithium battery.”

    shark shield grip deck Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks
    shark shield surfboard mounting plate Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks

    I talked with the head of the surf unit at the company, who told me a shark shield device for a surfboard would cost
    $499. That’s not cheap, but it’s worth it, especially if you plan to surf in waters known to have shark attacks.

    Here’s a video that provides more information about Shark Shield.

    0 Shark Repellent for Shark Attacks

    How Surfboard Shaping Machines Work

    Found in Surfing,

    One of the greatest pleasures of surfing is riding on a surfboard that was shaped by a fellow surfer, a person you know at a surf shop you love. But technology and mass production are invading even the surfing world, with companies like Firewire producing thousands of surfboards every year. has made a video for you to checkout if you’re curious about how surfboard shaping machines work.

    surfboard shaping machine How Surfboard Shaping Machines Work

    How Mass Produced Surfboards are Made

    How Mass Produced Surfboards are Made
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