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    Texas Beach Towns

    Texas Beach and Texas Coastline, Vacation and Surfer HavenGirls Performing a Sand ShowPort Aransas beach, TXSalty Dogthe four pillars

    Vacation on the Gulf of Mexico

    The Texas Gulf Coast isn’t always the first place people think of visiting for their summer vacation because of some of the other things that Texas is known for: cattle, rodeos, cowboy hats, large belt buckles, barbecue, dirt roads, etc. But the Texas coastline is lined with 373 miles of beach and the Gulf is known for its year-round tropical temperatures. And while the Pacific Ocean’s water is cold over in California, Texas beaches enjoy water temperatures in the 80s during the summer and 60s during the winter. While most serious surfers do own a wet suit they put on regularly during winter sessions, most don’t bother owning booties (the shoes that accompany a wet suit). There are always hotels and condos available for vacationers, and people can be found nearly every day of the year walking the beaches of Texas. In fact, at the time of this writing, much of the U.S. is experiencing a winter storm disaster that has prompted President Obama to declare a state of emergency; while many people are snowed-in and without power, we’re wearing shorts and surfing.

    The only real decision you have to make when you want to vacation at a U.S. beach is which Texas beach to go to. This depends on what you want to do when you get there and how far you’re willing to travel. Fortunately, whichever beach you decide to visit, you’re very likely to find some rideable surf, and you’ll definitely find plenty of space to layout and get a great tan, play fetch with your dog, and enjoy other water sports such as kayaking and sailing.

    Galveston Vacationing & Surfing

    There are numerous beach houses to rent in Galveston, as well as hotels and condos to stay in. Galveston is a popular vacation spot so it’s advised that you make room or beach house reservations before you make the drive or flight.

    Galveston has two primary beaches and tons of little pocket beaches where everyone can have a great time. East Beach is the most popular beach. Many parties take place here and the annual sandcastle contest is held at this Texas beach. The only downside is that during the summertime you have to pay a few dollars to park, and there are also restrictions on surfing at this beach when the summer crowds show up.

    We have a full article on where to surf in Galveston, so we’ll just touch on a few places here. 31st Street and 61st Street are prime surf spots in Galveston, with 31st Street being a more popular beach hangout. As you head south along the Seawall, you’ll see turn-ins to little pocket beaches you can visit for free. These areas are fairly private areas, and you could even be the only people at these little beach spots. The downside is that there are no lifeguards on duty at beach pockets, so swim and surf at your own risk.

    Waves in Galveston tend to be ankle to waist high, with winter and tropical storm sessions bringing some head and over-head high sets.

    Surfside Tourist & Surfer Info

    Surfside is a little beach town south of Galveston that you’ll inevitable get to after driving about 45 minutes down Seawall. This area has 21 miles of beachline. The Octagon is the most popular beach spot, which is named after an octagon shaped building that use to be there. The waves here are known to be better than the ones in Galveston, with many Galveston surfers driving to Surfside when their waters aren’t going off. No one is suppose to walk along the jetties to enter the water, but you see it happen, especially when the paddling is tough.

    There are many beach houses for rent in Surfside.

    Other Coastlines in This Area

    • Crystal Beach
    • Seawolf Park
    • Dellanera RV Park
    • East Beach
    • Galveston Island State Park
    • Stewart Beach

    Coastlines Between Galveston and Surfside

    • Pirates Cove
    • Jamaica Beach

    Coastlines Further South

    Mustang Island & Port Aransas

    Port Aransas on Mustang Island has some very nice waves, usually waist to chest high. Port A, as it’s locally known, is a small beach town with some very nice tourist shops and eateries. This town reminds me a little of Mayberry, with couples holding hands and crossing the street very often. People drive slowly, always watching out for pedestrians. This is a very rural area that requires a lengthy drive to get to, but it is a very pleasant vacation spot with some waves any surfer will love.

    Corpus Christi

    Corpus Christi is a prime vacation spot that is largely metropolitan. There are tons of hotels and condos to stay in, as well as many beach houses if you want to stay close to the water. You definitely want to make your room reservations before going to Corpus. To surf you have to go a little further south, but you can still lodge in the metropolitan area. In fact, there’s a beach you can hang out on right across the street from down town Corpus Christi, but the conditions aren’t right for surfing. Fortunately, we have a complete map to Corpus Christi surf spots to help you get properly wet.

    Sea Rim State Park

    About 45 minutes south of Corpus Christi you’ll run into the Sea Rim State Park, where you’ll enjoy complete privacy and some decent waves. There is no lodging out there so you’ll have to make the drive, unless you’re up for some beach side camping.

    South Padre Island

    South Padre is also a very metropolitan beach city, with tons of hotels, condos, and beach houses to rent. You need to make room reservations before you make the trip. This city has everything you could possibly be looking for, with many restaurants, clubs, and plenty of Texas beach area to hangout on and surf at.

    If you’re coming to Texas to surf, Island Blanca Park in South Padre is the place you seriously need to visit. With 8-10 foot waves year round that peel off the ocean surface in perfect form, and relatively few surfers in the water, you’ll be in surfer heaven.

    Go to: Detailed Map of South Padre Surf Spots


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      Comment by Matthew T Rader — October 23, 2009 @ 3:01 pm

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